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*As a user of  https://safexemporium.com you alone, or as an organization are responsible for your personal and or organizational listing(s) and fulfillment(s) while using this site as well as reporting  your personal and or organizational earned revenue where applicable. 

*By submitting any listing request, please keep in mind all of your local Laws and Regulations.  Absolutely no illegal items or services will be posted or promoted on this web site. If your goods or services are breaking any Laws or Regulations in your State, Country or Region,  please don't bother to submit a listing for curation to this site.  Frankly you can do that without us involved.

This is something that must be done to remain a positive and relevant avenue for SAFEX Blockchain Merchants and Consumers moving forward.

*The SAFEX Blockchain will have a built-in reputation system for merchants that once implemented will allow users of the SAFEX Marketplace to determine which vendors are honest & trustworthy. Over time we will curate vendor listings independently depending on positive reputation, community standing & merchant content.  

If  a vendor falls within the boundaries of this Web Sites Rules for Item & Vendor Listings we will list your public items from the SAFEX Blockchain.

*Items will be manually listed on this site after a vetting process to ensure no illegal items or services are included in the sales agreement on the SAFEX Blockchain. 

*This list of Terms of Use are subject to change at full public disclosure at the discretion of the website administrator. 

*Keep It Clean! We look forward to what you have to offer!

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Safex Emporium The World Marketplace