Quick Setup Guide for xmrig mining pool on Windows 10

Configuration setup tutorial. xmrig mining windows 10


XMRIG Latest Build

XMRIG mining is set up easily on Windows and Ubuntu OS.  You can use the latest build from the link below to start mining Safex Cash Today! It is recommended to use the latest build for your OS of choice.

Windows & Ubuntu - Mining Configuration Template

Configuration JSON Template XMRIG (txt)


Windows & Ubuntu - Edit XMRIG config File


Using the template above you can replace the existing config file in the xmrig folder and add your preferred mining pool your Safex Blockchain Address and your Mining Rig Name in the appropriate fields.

The template provided here is set up for Safex News Pool. You can add an alternate pool if desired to mine using xmrig mining on windows 10


Save your updated info from the config you edited to your xmrig config file. A Windows file path example is shown.

Run the xmrig.exe and begin to mine.  You may need to run as admin and allow xmrig.exe to run or disable any background antivirus software to continue xmrig mining on windows 10.


If configured correctly you will be mining Safex Cash using windows.